“SURVIVAL” a short story written by Amaibi George

Ibiso!!!! Ibiso!!! Ibiso!!!.
I was sitting outside with my neighbours who had just moved into the neighborhood when I heard my name from inside the house, I knew it was Esther, well I am very much aware of the fact that she is my senior and I am supposed to give her all the respect in this world, but there are times when she gets very annoying, always getting on my nerves, I was still outside trying to figure out the reason why she called my name like , did I offend her? Did I not do all my chores, I was still trying to figure out loud, when I heard her scream my name again. This time, I stood up, went inside to see the reason why my name was screamed like a new brand advertised on radio, I got inside and what I saw got me a bit confused but very much discouraged, I saw my sister sitting like one who had just seen a ghost, I was quick to ask her what the problem was, yes she might be annoying, but for the records, she is my favourite sibling , there are times when I wish she was my twin and there are times I wish she was aborted at conception, like what was mum and dad thinking when they brought her into this world, I saw my hyper active sister humbled like a baby, I tapped her shoulder and asked in a low tune the reason why she called me, she turned slowly and gave me the keep quiet sign on her lip and all she said was ‘watch and learn’ at this point, the level of my confusion grew, I was already getting frustrated with the whole thing until the moment came, the moment that changed everything about me, my sweet loving sister who was always full of life was already caught up in the atmosphere, she was already out of this world, worst part is that she did not realize her phone was ringing on the table, I myself did not bother, I quietly dragged a chair close to me, to join my sister observe what I call the real reason for existence, the reason why we were born, I saw them moving in a straight line like they were trained by the US army, I saw communication going on at every point in time, I saw all hands on deck everyone was involved, everyone was working and contributing his own little quota, I saw Unity, I did not see any general dishing out instructions, I did not notice any leader in there midst , everyone was serving and slowly they were achieving there aim.
The tiny ants had already made a crack in our wall and were working tirelessly to move the very large cockroach they just found lying dead on how kitchen floor. At this point, I was overwhelmed, everything fixed into the right proportion in my head, the real reason for existence was right in front of my eyes, the word that was able to come out of my mouth was SURVIVAL.
Well in case you skipped this earlier. my name is IBISO and this is my story, I was born into a family of 6, my dad and mum had decided they wanted to have a house filled with kids, reasons best known to them, my life began when i ran the ultimate race of survival, I was given a gold medal out of a million contestants mind you I was a sperm cell , I wonder what happened to the millions that lost the race, growing up wasn’t easy, we the kids had to compete for everything, we stepped on each others toes to achieve our goals, there is always a competition for who gets the highest share of everything, who does the least job, who gets the best clothes, who becomes dad and mum’s favourite child, I myself have not always been lucky in achieving any of this, but then I had my moments when I was the star, the star in my family. Even in school, we had something we do at the end of the term, we were given a paper filled with questions for us to answer, at the end, our names are published on the schools website, in an order of first to last, this process they call examination, all these had fit properly in my head , when I realized the ants too want to survive in this wicked and cruel word, they want to have enough to eat, they want to have shelter when the rains come, they too want to survive, and yes they are surviving, peacefully with no wars, no battle, no fights, everyone is considered equal every one plays equal role, even with there population they still enjoy peace unspeakable, like i have not seen the ants in our house staging a war with the ones from our neighbours house, probably using our spoons, broom sticks, forks, toothpicks has weapons, they strive and survive this world by doing things equally, play your role I play my role, they survive by communicating always, communication they say is key, life itself is cruel to man, my question is why can’t we team up like the ants and defeat earth and it’s cruelty, I did not notice any leader while observing the ants, which means the leader was in the battle field with his people working tirelessly to survive, no leader is worth dying for, I saw them doing things orderly no wonder the holy book says , “Go visit the ants and be wise” even as higher beings we were still referred back to the ants, this day changed my whole life, they are very little but they possess too much wisdom for there size, while sitting there, I then realised that this world would be a better place if we the inhabitants can learn one or two from the ants.
No leader is worth dying for, if you want to lead, you must first follow, good leaders are good followers, we seriously need to improve our level of communication, communication I mean just like the ants, you have been to the top, try bringing up younger ones by telling us the dangers we would face, I notice every ant coming down has something to tell the one going up, I think the word there is be your brother’s keeper.
It is true we all have our personal goals and aspirations, but of what relevance is your goal if the aim is not to help others, As we struggle to survive always remember not to pull the ladder that got you up, cause people may use it for your sake on your way of coming down.

Amaibi George



It was a Sunday morning, i woke up feeling tired, and restless, with many things on my mind, like they normally say ‘JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING ‘, my own case was different, i couldn’t afford to even put up a smile that morning, imagine sleeping hungry and waking up with no idea of where the next meal will come from, Sometimes i had to go on a compulsory fasting just to feel a little bit alright, my very good neighbor(salomi) who normally calls me to eat whenever she prepared something good had moved to another place. Hunger was my everyday routine, i had already taken credit from mama nkechi shop amounting to #1500, and she was on my neck to pay her back 🔙, My dad lost his job, so money was hard to come by, i still blame him tho, if he had worked harder i wouldn’t have been suffering like this today, if not for the fact that i was on LNG scholarship, i would have been a drop out, and LNG sha…… They pay the fees directly to the school account, all these went through my mind that morning, i lost weight, not because i want to keep FIT but but because my belly wasn’t receiving any beneFIT (food🍲), i. So hated my Life, to me there was no need to live. So that morning i made up my mind not to go church so at least i could conserve the little strength 💪 left in me….. I had already slept till 8:43am when i heard a knock on my door, it was my new neighbour that just moved in she asked me to follow her to church for second service which starts by 9:30, i groaned silently, but she is new in the Neighborhood, so somehow i had to impress her , so i had a quick bath and slowly followed her to church. The sermon lasted for 40mins, i paid little attention to the preacher all i was thinking was how to feed my stomach, i kept hoping for when they will call out first timers, and who knows they might offer us food or some snack at least that will help feed the worms in my belly a little before those worms start eating my liver or kidney, the preacher was almost rounding up, when the moment came, the moment that changed my thought over life, the moment that lifted my spirit…… I call it ‘The moment of truth’ the speaker said few things, he said ‘LIFE WILL NEVER GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WISH, BUT WHAT YOU FIGHT FOR. that statement hit me like a grand slam, and he went on ….. He said’ that this fight is not going to be won physically nor by prayer and fasting, this fight is going to be won by ‘PRAISE’, i got confused 😕 at first then he spoke further he said ‘in life today, humans complain over every bad thing that happens to them, to the extent that they fail to recognize the good ones,’ in Nigeria today, we complain of bad leadership, poor economy, low standard of living, unfriendly atmosphere, bad roads, bad electricity we complain over everything like nothing good can come out of NIGERIA, but we are forgetting the fact that this same country is the 6th largest producer of crude oil, this country is not known for any major natural disaster, Nigeria is blessed with so many tribes but the rate of tribal wars is on the low side, our soil is very fertile…… All this good things have been neglected due to the fact that we complain a lot, talking about humans we complain a lot too about ourselves, we complain of our finances, we complain of hunger(that moment it felt like the sermon was prepared for me), We complain over everything, that moment i got interested in the sermon, so the preacher continued…….. He said ‘ we should embrace the spirit of Praise, he gave example of David in the Bible, A man after God’s heart, he said David did not earn that by complaining, David earned that by praising the Creator of the Universe, David praise him in times of battle, David praised God in times of victory and also when things turned bad David said… ‘i will enter into his gates with praise and into his courts with Thanksgiving, that was David speaking, that was a heart full 🌕, of praise. The preacher continued he said’ No one sitted here is on any life support, no one here is not with his complete body parts, then WHY have we chosen to complain rather than Praise, At that moment i stood up, because i had to leave with my neighbor who invited me, she complained of stomach ache and so we had to leave for our apartment, on pur way home, many thoughts ran through my small mind, i recalled going to the hospital 🏥 the other day, and i saw a woman who had a bucket in front of her filled with her own saliva, she was spitting continuously, i saw another young man who’s legs were hung with a rope, he never stopped screaming 😱, with all this, i looked at my self and found out that i have to be thankful for, my hands 👐 are complete, my hair grow whenever i cut them my eyes 👀 are blinking, my legs takes my wherever i want to go, i have everything complete, hmmmmm.. It was at this moment i realised that i have No reason to complain over anything, but for the fact that i don’t walk with my head facing backward, I have every reason to praise God, and be thankful for life which was giving to me freely, tho i may be hungry, but somehow my body system still function very well…….. THANK YOU LORD, THANK HOLY SPIRIT, THANK YOU JESUS, The king of kings, the bright and morning star the lily of the valley, I THANK YOU FOR LIFE…………………….

LIFE will surely throw challenges at you, but always praise and thank the God that has given you the privilege to live…………….. #TEAMimustPraise


He used to be my very good friend, actually he was my roommate, we started Uniport together on a very good note, went for night classes, prepared for exams, encouraged each other, our grades were excellent, but things started going wrong when we got to 200level, i later got to know some friends who partied like there is no tomorrow, and somehow, i encouraged my roommate to join us. After much trials, i was able to convince him, we partied every night, we knew all the clubs around school and in town, we got any girl we wanted, things turned out differently, grades turned out bad, my roommate always tried telling me, how he is not comfortable with our present life, i kept on telling him to stop acting like a child, anytime he picks up his book to read, i always try my my best to convince him to close the book and join me doing other things, he really found it hard to say No to me, i guess because friendship meant a lot to him, one faithful day while we went on our usual clubbing, police came to the club were we sat down to have a drink before dancing all night, they came with an information that a kidnapper was in the club….they got into a gun battle with the kidnapper and his boys, eventually our friend…………. Solomon was shot……… He died the next day…… He was our leader actually…….. He had a car which we used to drive round town……… So the next day we still couldn’t stay without partying…… It had eaten deep into us……… That afternoon we had already decided to go for another outing when i got the shocker of my life………… My closest friend who has never turned me down before…… Parked his bag and these words………….. I HAVE TAKEN A DECISION NO TURNING BACK, NOT EVEN MY FRIEND CAN STOP ME, I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW CHRIST, CHRIST I WILL LIVE FOR, CHRIST I WILL DIE FOR……… Came out of his mouth…… I tried begging him not to go……cause he was more like a brother to me……….. After he left i and my other friends still went clubbing and lo and behold we got arrested…….. For possession of hard drugs……………… We were jailed for 4yrs………i lost my admission………….. My mum died of heart attack……… My dad called me a disgrace………… 4yrs later my very good friend got a job in an oil company, he had a company in his name………. Currently he is abroad with his family……….. And i was just thinking……. If samuel my very good friend had not summon courage to say NO to me……. He would have ended up just like me

Friends can break you or make you….. Choose your friends wisely today…….. Somehow your tomorrow depends on the kind of friends you keep today……… My name is Daniel Dele….. I wish i had said NO……….